macular degeneration, low vision, visual disabilities

Simply Visio is a platform aiming to help people with visual disabilities due to macular diseases, diabetes, glaucoma, and other physical conditions by providing vision rehabilitation. It uses state of the art technology to improve the eyesight of low-vision patients to overcome the challenges they face in daily life, such as reading, watching films or recognizing faces.
What is Simply Visio ?

macular degeneration, low vision, visual disabilities

The inability to read medical prescriptions, invoices and books top the list of complaints of people with low vision. However, with regular exercise people with low vision can train their eyes so they can read again.

Low vision is a condition caused by eye disease, in which visual acuity is 20/70 or poorer in the better-seeing eye and cannot be corrected or improved with regular eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, it is possible to improve vision with vision rehabilitation methods.

Simply Visio offers customized training with exercises that can be done at home. Simply Visio is a computer-based training software that can easily be installed on portable electronic devices.

The Simply Visio application helps people with low vision to regain their reading ability with easy-to-follow exercises.

The training offered by Simply Visio can help some patients to improve overall vision.

Retain your self-relaince

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How can Simply Visio help you?

macular degeneration, low vision, visual disabilities

The program starts with a self-assessment test measuring the patient’s reading ability. Based on the assessment, we design a customized training plan.

The Simply Visio exercises have been designed by experts with a long history in clinical research and hands-on experience in low vision. The program includes:

Vision rehabilitation procedure that is customized for each user’s needs.

Systematic, easy-to-hard exercises for 6 weeks, customized according to the user’s responses.

The training of the remaining healthy retina and the Preferred Retinal Locus (PRL) to read.

Re-establishment of the reading process from eyes to the brain.

Daily reading exercises in the comfort of your home

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*Simply Visio application only works on tablet devices

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*Simply Visio application only works on tablet devices

Simply Visio

  • 6 Weeks Training Program
  • 5 days in a week
  • Compatible with all tablet devices

What do our users’s say?

Nevin Ö**** | 62 | Turkey

I have low vision for about 6-7 years. I had difficulty seeing and reading. I started Simply Visio exercises with the recommendation of my doctor. I can see far and near better now. For example, I am now able to see the elevator buttons and read the labels that I could not read before 7 weeks ago.

Rafet E**** | 65 |Turkey

I have macular degeneration for 6 years. It was very difficult to read at the beginning and after a while, I was not able to read at all for the last 1-2 years. I started this application with my ophthalmologist’s advice. I could only read words with 3 letters while watching TV or I had to move my head up and down or to the sides to be able to read the whole word. Now I can read the whole word without moving my head. I was not able to read a newspaper for 1 year, and now I can read everything easily except for very little letters. The company was very responsive and always ready to help. I deleted the application by mistake and they re-installed it right away. I am very happy with the result and the service.

Marry T**** | 59 | Germany

I had a decrease to my eyesight due to diabetes. Beside my diabetes treatment, I began to have vision rehabilitation. Once I completed 6-week training of the Simply Visio training program, I can now read the invoices and do my daily activities more easily.

Claire D**** | 61 | The Netherlands

I started Simply Visio reading training with the recommendation of my ophthalmologist. After doing exercises regularly for 6-weeks. I am now able to read books more comfortably. I am a teacher and it is very important to read for me.

Saul F**** | 72 | Spain

I am retired and my favorite thing was to solve puzzles. I was not able to see the words because of the macular degeneration in my eyes. I went to the eye doctor and had several treatments for many years. At the end of these treatments, I was not able to read and solve the puzzles. My eye doctor recommended the Simply Visio training program. After completing 6-weeks training in Simply Visio, I began to solve puzzles again and I am very happy.

What stops people with macular diseases from reading?

macular degeneration, low vision, visual disabilities

If our eyes were a camera, our macula could be compared to the film. When our macula functions well, it collects images at the center of the field of vision, then sends these photographic images via an optic nerve to the brain. The brain recognizes these images, such as the face of a person, the name on a medicine bottle, the numbers on an invoice, or instructions on a prescription.

Vision is no longer optimal when the cells of the macula degenerate due to age and diabetes, or the field of vision is narrowed because of glaucoma or night blindness.

When the cells of the macula degenerate for any reason, images are not received correctly. We lose the ability to recognize faces, read numbers or letters, and function fully in daily life.

Macular degeneration often is a gradual process. At first, people may experience blurred vision or simply fail to see a part of the image. The blurred area or the gray, black or white blind spot in our vision is called the central scotoma. At more advanced stages of macular degeneration, people lose most of their central vision.

In some patients where the peripheral retina is still functioning, Simply Visio can help some to see and read again.  The area can be trained through consistent exercises to act as a pseudo-macula that we call Preferred Retinal Locus (PRL).

Read again, read for life

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How can our Simply Visio training program help patients with macular degeneration read again?

age related macular degeneration

By using the visual capacity of the peripheral retina, some patients can develop a new area called Preferred Retinal Locus (PRL). Although the peripheral retina doesn’t have the same functionality as the macula, PRL can be trained to enhance the eyesight of people with low vision.

We should emphasize that recovering the capacity to read can only be possible through regular exercise. These can be difficult and slow in the beginning, but they are necessary to increase the capacity of the PRL, which has taken on a function it does not regularly hold.